Kennedy Marr

Company History

Kennedy Marr Limited was founded in London in 1974 by Leo Kennedy and Nicholas Marr, and soon became a key player in the offshore broking world. Leo Kennedy retired in 1991 and the company continued under the sole direction of Nicholas Marr, focussing on high-capital offshore assets.

In 2003 Alex Marr, son of Nicholas, joined Kennedy Marr Limited as a director and in 2007 set up Kennedy Marr Offshore (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

In February 2010 a representative office of Kennedy Marr Offshore was set up in Beijing and subsequently the office premises moved to the historic maritime city of Dalian in January 2013.

In November 2013, Kennedy Marr (Norway) was established with the office located in Bergen.

In May 2014, Anita Alden was appointed as CEO & Mark Pasha as Managing Director.

In June 2017, Kennedy Marr Limited was bought by Maersk Broker KS in a friendly takeover but continues to operate independently.

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