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Liftboats (also known as jack-up barges) are a well-proven concept in the Gulf of Mexico. Over recent decades they have proved to be the most efficient and economical platform from which to service existing offshore infrastructure in shallow water. Other regions of the world such as the Middle East, South East Asia, West Africa and North Sea are experiencing a demand for these types of units and Kennedy Marr have been a pioneering influence, being involved in the newbuilding of many such units of various sizes in the last two years.

Self-propelled and self-elevating, the liftboat is designed to be an ultra-versatile vessel which gets essential maintenance and servicing work done quickly before moving onto the next job.

Typical services run from liftboats include:

  • Platform maintenance
  • Coiled tubing, well workover, well testing
  • Installation / removal of modules
  • Accommodation services

Typical users of liftboats include oil companies with existing offshore platforms as well as well-servicing companies. They are also becoming of interest to the offshore windfarm markets.

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